I’m an interested reader with questions about something you’ve written. Can I get in touch to clarify?

Yes, please do. I’d be happy to answer questions and you might point to something in the original article that would benefit from clarification.

I disagree with things you have written. Can I get in touch to hurl abuse?

It would be lovely if you could refrain.

I’m a journalist. Can I interview you?

Possibly. The bad experiences of some of my peers mean that I am selective about engaging with the media. If you have a proven track record of writing thoughtfully and intelligently about sex work, please get in touch linking examples of your work and an outline of your next piece.

I’m an editor. Can I commission you to write for us, or post an article you have written on our site?

I’d almost certainly be delighted. Please get in touch.

I’m a former client and I think I recognise you. Can I get in touch?

I don’t discourage hellos from old faces, as well wishes are gratefully received and reciprocated. I’m afraid, however, that I am firmly retired, so if you’re hoping to tempt me into one final rendezvous I’ll likely disappoint you.

I really like your work. Can I donate or support you?

That’s incredibly kind. I accept donations and support via gift cards sent to marin.scarlett@protonmail.com.

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